Hospitality TVs

Samsung Hospitality TVs – Q1 2021 Promotion

Sonu Supply wants to share this 2021 Promotion from Samsung for Hospitality TVs through March 31st. For every 10 SMART Hospitality TVs your hotel purchases, you get one for free. Upgrade your guest room TVs to SMART TVs today! If you don’t want SMART TVs, you can still get a TV for free – just […]

Samsung Hospitality TVs Q1 2020 Promotion

Sonu Supply is excited to provide this brand new 2020 Promotion on Hospitality TVs through March 31st. For a limited-time only, business owners can take advantage of an exclusive Samsung TV Price Drop across Standard, Premium, and Luxury class models. Hotel, Motel, and Casino/Resort owners should consider this Samsung Hospitality TV Promotion very seriously. Television […]

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