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Sonu Supply is a trusted national supplier of PTAC Climate Control Equipment from Amana, Friedrich, and GE. We offer some of the quietest PTAC units on the market, allowing your guests to truly enjoy the heating and cooling comforts they expect during their stay. PTAC Unit Accessories are also available for all of our official brands. Ask about equipment featuring an additional Heat Pump to reduce energy costs, and PTAC Units engineered with corrosion protection for coastal weather properties. Climate control is one of the top aspects every patient or guest notices first during their stay. Keep your reviews positive by choosing PTAC Units from Sonu Supply.

Contact Sonu Supply for PTAC Unit product details and Free Quotes on orders of all sizes. Click the button to the right to request a Free Quote for PTAC Units online.

How to Choose Your PTAC Units

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners are self-contained heating and air conditioning systems commonly found in hotels, motels, college dormitories, senior living communities, and hospitals. Commercial PTAC Units are placed within a secure opening in each guest room wall, and designed with vents and heat sinks both inside and outside of the room. Construction standards for Hospitality, Healthcare, and Education normally regulate PTAC air conditioner dimensions within their initial guest room design specifications. The three most commonly found commercial PTAC unit dimensions are 42×16 inches (1067 x 406 mm), 36×15 inches, and 40×15 inches.
There are a few important details to consider when choosing PTAC units for your property. First and foremost is your local climate. Sonu Satellite offers commercial air conditioners with both heating and cooling available, but cooling only models are also an option for businesses who do not need heating during the year. Coastal facilities should also take into account the environmental effects of salt air. Choosing a PTAC unit with corrosion protection will save coastal businesses multiple service calls and unnecessary replacements of air conditioning equipment.
Choosing the size of your commercial PTAC unit is also affected by the previously listed conditions, as well as others. Guest room location, insulation, occupancy, size and location of windows, and your property’s electrical system are all extremely important details. Contact Sonu Satellite to speak with a qualified commercial PTAC unit sales rep before requesting your quote. Our primary goal is to provide your business with the best solutions available.

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