Friedrich PTAC Units

Friedrich PTAC Units provide commercial property owners superior guest room temperature control by focusing on three main components. Quiet Operation, Energy Efficiency, and Durability are top priorities when designing and manufacturing all Friedrich commercial PTAC unit products. Friedrich has become a household name in commercial air conditioning equipment, and they continue to improve RevPAR for hotels, motels, hospitals, assisted living communities, colleges, universities, and more with their reliable PTAC units.

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Every Friedrich Commercial PTAC Air Conditioner Unit carries an impressive list of protective durability features.
    • Galvanized Zinc Coated Steel Wall Sleeves and Steel Base Pans
        Steel PTAC Wall Sleeves and Base Pans that undergo an 11-step preparation process, are powder coated with a polyester finish, and are cured in an oven for exceptional durability.


      • The Internal Diagnostic Program
          Diagnostic Alerts help maintenance become aware of component failures or operating problems.


      • Easy Access Filters
          Easily accessible filters simplify maintenance and extend the life of each individual PTAC unit.


      • Room Freeze Protection
          Auto Room Freeze Protection initiates heat if the temperature falls to 40°F in an unoccupied guest room.


    • Random Compressor Restart
        The Compressor Restart Design protects electrical systems from overload when power is restored.
    • Tamper-Resistant, Anodized Stamped Aluminum Grilles
        Friedrich Aluminum PTAC Grilles withstand chalking and oxidation.


      • Break Proof Control Door Design
          Control Door Design maintains the integrity of your PTAC units.


      • Indoor Coil Frost Sensor
          The Coil Frost Sensor protects the compressor to lengthen the life of the unit


    • DiamondBlue Advanced Corrosion Protection®
        Corrosion Protection comes standard on all Friedrich commercial PTAC units to protect against harsh coastal environments.


Friedrich PTAC Units are built to protect the health and comfort of your brand, property, and guests. The features listed below will manage the temperature and moisture within your guest rooms, and prevent extreme climate conditions that could cost you both money and customers. Just one bad review about a freezing, boiling, or moldy room can take lots of time and work to correct. Choose Friedrich commercial PTAC air conditioners for these expertly engineered safeguards.


  • Dehumidification

Dehumidification removes up to 3.0 pints/hour of moisture in cool mode to improve comfort and reduce the chance of mold and mildew growth.

  • Fresh Air Damper

The Fresh Air Damper brings in fresh outside air when desired.

  • Intuitive Unit Controls

Intuitive PTAC Unit controls are user friendly with easy-to-read LED display that can show either set-point or actual room temperature as selected by owner.

  • Anti-Microbial Air Filters

Anti-Microbial Air Filters are easy to access and washable.

  • Instant Heat – Heat Pump Mode

Instant Heat Mode quickly heats a room to the desired temperature for increased comfort.

  • Even-Heat Monitoring

Even-Heat Monitoring checks room temperature and automatically adds heat boost if necessary.

  • Automatic Periodic Sampling of Room Temperature

Automatic Periodic Sampling every nine minutes to ensure desired room temperature conditions are maintained.

  • Reversible Indoor Air Louvers

Reversible Indoor Air Louvers included to easily change direction of airflow.


Friedrich incorporates some of the industry’s best sound reduction technology into all of their PTAC Unit models, so your guests can sleep as soundly as possible. Whether your guest rooms house vacationers, traveling business people, medical patients, elderly residents, or students, a rattling air conditioner will absolutely result in poor reviews and additional work for your property’s staff. Provide the peaceful feeling of quiet climate control to every guest and patient staying at your property.


  • Two Permanently Lubricated Fan Motors

Two Permanently Lubricated Fans for added durability and reduced sound levels indoors.

  • Quiet, Efficient Rotary Compressor Mounted with Vibration Isolators

Advanced PTAC Rotary Compressor to keep the unit running smoothly and quietly.

  • High-Density Insulation and a Steel Inner-Wall

Advanced PTAC Housing to effectively block outdoor noise.

  • Tangential Blower Wheel

Tangential Blower Wheel to create a wide-path air flow that reaches the furthest corner of the guest room more quietly than conventional fans.



Friedrich PTAC Units are built for commercial efficiency, as well as guest room comfort. No hospitality appliance would be considered valuable today, if it didn’t also help reduce your business’ energy consumption. Friedrich commercial air conditioners are fitted with a number of advancements to both cut electrical costs and provide your staff with additional control.


  • Super-Efficient Refrigeration Design

Efficient Designs with EERs up to 12.0 and COP up to 3.55.

  • Exceptional FriedrichLink® Energy Management Thermostats

Friedrich Thermostats available (wired & wireless) with integrated occupancy sensor, five distinct energy presets and comprehensive remote management capability. *

  • Energy Efficient Heat Pump Models

Heat Pump Models available in our complete PTAC line.

  • Electronic Defrost Control

Automatic Defrost control ensures more run time in efficient heat pump mode.

  • Electronic Temperature Limiting

Automatic Temperature-Limiting to adjust low/high temperature range limits for reduced energy usage.

  • Slinger Ring Technology

Slinger Ring in condensate removal system cools the coil and increases efficiency.

  • Central Desk Control

Central Control allows hotel owners to control units from a central location.

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