TV Mounts

TV Mounts for All Purposes

TV Mounts built for hotels, healthcare, and other businesses. Sonu Supply provides TV Wall Mounts for all commercial placement and orientation. Whether your business requires flat wall-mounts for ultra-thin LED TV models, articulating arm wall mounts, portrait-style mounts for digital signage, or hanging ceiling mounts, Sonu Supply has the equipment you need. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices to speak with a qualified sales rep about your property’s needs. Our experienced staff will help you to choose the right mounts for both your existing televisions and new commercial TV selections.

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Flat TV Wall Mounts


Universal Flat TV Wall Mounts for simple and straight-forward television installations. Flat TV Wall Mounts are available for Ultra-Thin, Portrait View, and Standard Flat Panel TV displays. These universal TV mounts will only allow you to display your commercial televisions in one direction, facing away from the wall.

Tilt TV Wall Mounts


Universal Tilt TV Wall Mounts for elevated television installations. Tily TV Mounts are best suited for Restaurants, Bars, C-Stores, Retail Stores, Hotel Rooms, and Office settings. Any commercial property installing TVs in an elevated location for stationary viewing will do well to choose a tilt-style TV mount.

Pivot TV Wall Mounts

Universal Pivot TV Mounts are available in Pull-Out, Tilt, and Standard models. Pivot TV mounts are a bit like Articulating-Arm mounts, but without the additional arm extension. Pull-Out Pivot TV Mounts are able to swing in one direction to fit flush against the wall, and Tilt Pivot TV Mounts also have the ability to point the display downward toward your audience. A very versatile mount for many commercial TV placements.

Articulating TV Wall Mounts


Universal Articulating Arm TV Mounts available for Ultra-Thin and Standard Flat-Panel Televisions. Articulating TV Mounts are the most versatile for adjustable and mobile display viewing. Articulating TV Mounts come standard with Tilt functions as well. The ultimate TV mount type for high-usage touch screen displays, odd placement locations, wide-angle viewing areas. Articulating TV Mounts are used most in Healthcare businesses.

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