Commercial-Grade Televisions

Sonu Supply is a leading national supplier of Samsung, LG, and RCA commercial-grade televisions. We offer Hotel, Motel, Hospital, Assisted Living, Restaurant, Bar, Retail, Sporting Facility, Education, and Clinic business owners the latest display technologies available, so your business can continue to provide top-quality entertainment and digital signage. Use the links below to choose your category of business, and/or the brand of commercial televisions you are currently interested in purchasing. Sonu Supply delivers the best in commercial HD TV displays from coast-to-coast.

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Samsung Hotel TVs

We specialize in Hospitality Televisions and the features they offer to Hotel and Motel businesses of all shapes and sizes. Both Pro:Idiom and Non-Pro:idiom models are available to fit every television distribution system. Choose from our wide selection of both traditional HD Flat Panels or SMARTV options ready for OTT content.



Sonu Supply carries the newest television models available with UL Certification. UL Certified TVs are professionally assessed for Risk & Safety Management within a Healthcare Environment. Both standard Hd Flat Panel displays and SMARTVs are available for Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Clinics, Physicians’ Offices, and Assisted Living Communities.



Commercial-Grade Televisions for all business classes. Provide next-level entertainment at your Office, Restaurant, Bar, Gym, Retail Store, Automotive Shop, and more. Our televisions are built for business use in every way, and are tested to handle the environment and placement within your specific property. Ask about our 4K UHD TV options.

Why Choose Commercial-Grade Televisions?

Commercial Televisions are designed to manage and withstand the viewing hours, placements, and work environments a business owner purchases them for. Unlike consumer-grade televisions, Commercial-Grade TVs have simple straight-edged frames, upgraded cooling, and extended warranties. Many national brands mandate the purchase of commercial televisions for franchised properties, because of the increased durability and reliability associated with their engineering. Choose a TV built for your business with Sonu Supply.

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